The Ultimate Yoga Bundle

Sorry You Missed it! 

The 2023 Event has Ended

Thank you everyone!!! The 2023 Ultimate Yoga Bundle has ENDED. 

We will see you next time!

Available for a Limited Time Only! May 18th to May 27th, 2024

Welcome to the Ultimate Yoga Bundle

A Collection of over 50 E-Books, Courses, Classes, Workshops, and Memberships from over 50 Yoga Teachers all for Only $50 Retail Value $3,000!!

For a Limited Time Only May 18th to May 27th, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

After purchasing the Ultimate Yoga Bundle, you'll receive a confirmation email. 

Within this email, there's a link to the Access Page, where you can download the ebooks and gain entry to all the online programs and memberships.

Each individual contribution has an e-book with directions on how to redeem the different offerings to the bundle from each teacher.

We recommend downloading everything and saving it on your hard drive, a google drive, or dropbox.

Why should you invest in the Ultimate Yoga Bundle?!

Truly, it's a remarkable deal! Every ebook, course, and program in this bundle has been selected to ensure top-notch quality and something for everyone. Whether you're embarking on your yoga journey, seeking enhanced mobility, mastering a novel skill, or searching for wholesome plant-based recipes, this bundle is tailored for you. 

With over 47 ebooks and programs worth $2,500, you're getting them all for just $50. 

That's around a dollar for each ebook/program, amounting to a staggering 98% discount!

How Long Do I Have Access to the Bundle?

As soon as you purchase your bundle we recommend that you download it immediately!

You have up to one year to download all of your e-books which you can keep forever once they are on your device. 

Courses and memberships have a one year redemption expiration.

Are the Videos on Demand or Do I need to attend live?

There is a mixture of downloads, on demand, private youtube, and live zoom classes. 

Each contributor has offered their contribution differently, so there's a ton of variety! 

You get the best of all the worlds.

Do I have to watch all these now?

No! That wouldn't even be possible!

There's so much in the Ultimate Yoga Bundle!

You have up to ONE YEAR to download and redeem all the contributions.

Can I give this as a gift?

Yes! The Ultimate Yoga Bundle is a great gift.

How nice of you!

What is the Refund Policy?

Due to the digital nature of this purchase and the INSANE discount, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 

There's no way you won't be able to find at least one or two things to love out of all the available offers, courses, and books in the bundle.

Who do I contact if I need help?

Just reach out to us at if you need anything.

Who is this bundle for?

This bundle is for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga.

There's a little something for everyone beginner or advanced yogis.

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